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    Our Blog — Chreece 4

    Chreece 4

    Chreece 4

    Cheers + Peace. Curated by Sean "Oreo Jones", Ron "DJ Indiana Jones", and Jay Brookinz, Chreece is the largest hip hop festival in Indianapolis. Now held annually, the most anticipated event of the year for hip hop heads in the city was presented for the fourth time in Fountain Square Indianapolis.

    Pre-Chreece Party at Quality

    Comprised of over 80 performers including Indy's finest such as Double A, Drayco McCoy, Mathaius Young, Flaco, Dinstinct, Willis, Switchblades, FoxD'Legend, Ghost Gun Summer, Mudkids, to name a few and 8 venues in all, this year was the biggest and most attended Chreece to date.

    We had the privilege of playing a small role in this year's festivities by collaborating with Chreece during the weekend. We hosted a "Pre-Chreece" party the night before which was also referred to as the "Last Shot" party. Even though there were dozens of performers on the bill, the Chreece team left one slot open.

    Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey was the main sponsor for the festival. They had a mobile studio trailer parked in front of our shop during the Pre-Chreece party. A contest was held in the trailer to see who could spit the best 16 bars with the opportunity of winning the last open slot for the next day. Free drinks were served inside the shop courtesy of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey with live music performed by the legendary DJ Indiana Jones.

    The collaboration was also presented in the form of product. We worked together to design 2 shirts that we felt embodied the festival and the culture we love. We opened a pop up shop the next day in Fountain Square during the festival. We had product available for purchase while attendees picked up their Chreece bracelets and walked around in between shows.

    Model @willfromnap

    We closed down shop in the evening and hit the shows after much anticipation. Surrounded by friends and like minded individuals, the energy in Fountain Square was high and there was nothing but good vibes all around.

    Photos courtesy @ravallavar

    The performances were outstanding as every artist showed out for the city. The overall experience was amazing and we are very much looking forward to next year.